Newsletter 3 - Almost there!

A new set of financial literacy educational resources for families,  individuals and children is now available on Money Matters e Learning Platform and App. 

Are you good at looking after your money? Would you or your learners like to know  more about financial literacy? Increasing our financial literacy skills can help us all look  after our money, make better financial choices and increase financial inclusion?* 

Hello everyone! Educational resources for both trainers and families are now available. They aim to use a family learning  approach to help empower people with the financial skills to cope with financial difficulties. 


Between July and October, the pilot training for trainers and parents took place in the partner countries. More specifically, the three-day Train-the-Trainers training and the four-day Train-the-Parents training, attended by 10 trainers and 20  parents/guardians in each country, respectively. These pilot trainings provided the consortium with valuable feedback to  make the latest improvements to the educational material! 


The resources are now available on the Money Matters e-Learning platform. They include Adult Educators Parents/Guardians training programs and a Toolkit which includes the Comic Books, the Escape Rooms and the App 

Register now to get the resources and increase your financial literacy skills, by simply clicking on the link below: Money Matters e-Learning Platform 

The Money Matters resources are designed and offered for online delivery and aim at supporting family learning through  challenge-based educational resources and real-life case studies. After completing the online courses, you will receive a  related digital badge which can be downloaded. 

The European Commission’s support for the production of this document does not  constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors,  1 and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the  information contained therein. [Project Number: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-079048] 


We are also happy to announce that the Money Matters App for Financial Planning is now available on the Money Matters  e-Learning platform and on Google Play Store. The mobile application addresses key themes related to financial literacy,  presents real-world scenarios related to financial literacy and financial management, provides a personal budgeting planner, and includes links and resources to national debt management agencies and support services! To find out more  

Download the app here! 

Or use the following QR Code


On the 18th of October 2022, a Money Matters Conference was hosted in London by Learning Unlimited! During the  conference, participants were introduced (face-to-face) to the final outputs of the project and discussed the impact they  will have on developing concepts such as financial literacy and family learning. 

Let’s explore and learn together! 

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*European Parliament Briefing (EPB) (2015) Improving the financial literacy of European consumers available here.

*OECD (2020), OECD/INFE 2020 International Survey of Adult Financial Literacy.  

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