Newsletter 3 - Almost there!

A new set of financial literacy educational resources for families, individuals and children was tested in April and trainings are soon beginning!

Are you good at looking after your money? Would you or your learners like to know more about financial literacy?

Did you know increasing financial literacy skills can help people use their resources more effectively, make better financial choices and help to increase financial inclusion?

Whether you think you are prepared to deal with the rapid changes in the financial world or not, the Money Matters project may be of interest to you!
Hello everyone! It seems like it has been ages since last November as we, in the Money Matters project, have been tirelessly working on creating exciting educational material for both trainers and families, supported by a family learning approach to help empower people with the financial skills to cope with financial difficulties.
In particular, all of the Train-the-Parents and Train-the-Trainer material is now being finalized and will be ready to be translated before the end of the month!

Regarding the new learning tools that have been produced, our 12 monthly comic strips scenarios are fully completed, the digital escape rooms are currently being finalized, our open badge micro-credentials have been designed and our online app is very soon going to be up and running.
In April 2022 in Portugal, we tested the Train-the-Trainer sessions aimed at Adult Educators, which were, since then, further improved and are now being standardised. We will be very soon translating all this material, as well as the Train-the-Parents material, the comics, and the escape rooms in all languages of the partners of the project.
In May 2022 in Italy, we had the chance to organize our next steps and therefore, we are happy to invite everyone to our family learning symposia, which will take place in all countries of the partners of the project (UK, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Greece) in June and July 2022. The aim of these workshops is to briefly showcase the project and the resources that were developed so that everyone interested could register in the actual trainings for trainers and parents that will take place from July 2022 to September 2022.
Everyone is encouraged to register in these events if they would like to be trained in financial literacy in an event where anyone will be encouraged to talk about their own experiences and help themselves and others.
If you or your organization are interested in being part of this free training opportunity, you could contact Mary on the following address to join our mailing list so that future newsletters will be sent to you directly:
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*European Parliament Briefing (EPB) (2015) Improving the financial literacy of European consumers available here.
*OECD (2020), OECD/INFE 2020 International Survey of Adult Financial Literacy.

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